What is an Infinite Possibilities Workshop?

photo credit: Andy Dooley

photo credit: Andy Dooley

If you have found this page, you are already interested in the life-changing teachings of Infinite Possibilities. Nothing in life is a coincidence, but rather magical serendipities and opportunity for joy. There’s a reason you are here and that this information is before you.

Nonetheless, you might still be curious, even hesitant. Curiosity and hesitancy are normal! We welcome your questions. We have compiled answers to the Frequently Asked Questions we receive. Hope this helps!

What is Infinite Possibilities (or IP)?

  • Our IP Workshop is based on the New York Times bestselling book Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley. You can read more about him here. Here’s how Mike describes his book: “Infinite Possibilities reveals our true spiritual nature and exactly what it takes to find happiness and fulfillment during the metamorphosis of consciousness that’s taking place. It covers the entire spectrum of reality, including changing your beliefs, creative visualization, and understanding your emotions.”

What happens in these workshops?

  • We guide our attendees through a workbook that is based on the book referenced above. We use our own life experiences and stories to illustrate lessons along the way. Verbal participation is totally optional. Some attendees have a lot to share and the workshop includes discussion. Other times, the group is more introspective. There is no “wrong” way to take in the information and absorb it. Depending on the setup, it might be a one day intensive or a series. You can feel free to bring snacks or a beverage.

What can I expect as an attendee?

  • Expect to have a wonderful time surrounded by positive-minded people who are interested in spending more time being grateful and joyful about life.
  • Expect to learn how to do a better job of refining the way you think on an everyday basis in order to move closer to contentment.
  • Expect to hear some stories about our lives. If you like, expect to tell some stories about your life.
  • Expect to have a lunch break somewhere in the middle of the day if you are attending the one day intensive.
  • Expect that we will not now or ever try to preach to you. The Infinite Possibilities concepts may be spiritual, but are definitively non-religious and inclusive of all faiths.
  • Finally, we expect that you will be punctual and courteous. We ask our attendees to respect the sensitive nature of some of the information that others might share. We keep everything that might come up within a workshop strictly confidential and ask you to do the same. We strive to create a safe, nurturing environment for everyone – ourselves included! We learn new things with every workshop.

What does this cost?

  • The cost of the workshop varies depending on size, location, and whether it’s a one day intensive or multiple sessions. Though it doesn’t vary much, we’d prefer to quote you accurately. Check out the calendar for a date that works for you. Sign up for our mailing list to stay in the loop. Then, send us an email. We’ll get you all the pertinent info.

When is the next workshop?

  • Check out our calendar! It includes our travel plans, speaking engagements, and workshops.

Anything else? Want us to teach our workshop somewhere specific?

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